The art of aging

Over the years, multiple techniques have been used to expedite aging of wine and alcohol artificially including shaking, magnetism, exposing to radiation, applying electric current, ultrasonic waves, and many more. However, to date, the mystery of aging of an alcoholic beverage has not been resolved or replicated.

The only effective method of aging is to let the wood and alcohol shake hands with each other, the way they like best, and enhance the changes to alcohol without affecting its natural potential for aging.



It’s the expedited aging of alcoholic beverages using a unique process.

Aging of alcoholic beverages is expedited by increasing the exposed surface area of wood by introducing multiple wooden surfaces, improving mixing by reducing the spacing between wood surfaces.

All the while, maintaining the temperature of alcoholic beverages to optimal level and reducing the cost of production by working with larger volumes at a time.

THE NET RESULT of Fick’s law of diffusion

The Wiseman Beverage process then goes beyond what can be achieved in a barrel: multiple wood, other adsorbents, temperature manipulations and processing in a continuous flow made that assures consistent extraction all the time.

This process will result in an alcoholic beverage that is far superior in its native character expected by connoisseurs without any variation in the quality of the product across batches.